We provide legal advice in the form of early case assessments, expert opinions and regulatory / contract drafting in international sports law matters

The sectors covered include not only football but also all Olympic and non-Olympic sports, in contractual, disciplinary (doping-related and other, non-doping disciplinary disputes) and governance issues.

We also deliver tailored research and legal advice to national and international sports-governing bodies aiming to optimize their regulatory framework / dispute resolution mechanisms and comply with international standards of good governance.

SportLegis represents clients in contractual, disciplinary and governance sports-related matters before CAS, FIFA, UEFA and other major sports judicial instances/ arbitral institutions based in Switzerland and abroad.

Dr. Despina Mavromati has a longstanding and in-depth knowledge of the mechanics and the CAS jurisprudence, obtained also through her previous position as CAS Managing Counsel until 2017.

Despina has been appointed as counsel or expert witness in many recent high-profile sports arbitrations, which have resulted in landmark decisions in the sports world. She is also a Member of the UEFA Appeals Body and serves as an arbitrator at various sports tribunals (World Athletics,  International Tennis Federation &  International Powerlifting Federation)